Discusssion Questions:

   1.     What do you think is the central theme of What More Could You Wish For?
   2.     Libby’s been married twice before her relationship with Michael. Knowing what you do of Libby,    why do you think those marriages didn’t work? How have those marriages shaped her present          situation?
   3.     Libby and Michael have been together for a couple of years, committed to each other but living    separately. Libby thought they both liked things this way. Why do you think Michael has now        decided they should be married?
   4.     How would you describe Libby and Michael’s relationship? Libby and Patrick’s?
   5.     Do you think there’s one true love for each of us?
   6.     In what way does Libby’s parents’ relationship affect her own?
   7.     How do Libby’s relationships with Sophie and Jill influence her decisions? Do think it’s wise to    get others’ opinions when making important decisions? Why?
   8.     Do you think we’re basically the same person we were in high school? How are we different?    Do you think people change?
   9.     What do you think about Libby contacting her high school sweetheart on  SearchForSchoolmates.com? Do you think it’s a good idea for people to look up high school flames  on the Internet? Do you know anyone who’s done that? How did it turn out?
   10.  Have you ever made regrettable decisions after a loss or a trauma? What happened?
   11.  How does the death of someone close to you change you as a person?
   12.  What are the differences between falling in love at 17 and falling in love at 50? Do you think you can find true love at 40? 50? 60 or beyond?
   13.  How does Libby’s conception of herself change from the beginning to the end of the story? What does she learn by the end of the story?
   14.  What insight did you get from this story?
   15.  Did you want Libby to end up with Michael or Patrick? Why?
   16.  How do you think the story ends?
   17.  For the movie, who would you like to see play Libby, Patrick and Michael?



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