​ I came to Samantha with a collection of personal essays that  needed a spark. She opened my eyes to so much that I couldn’t  see. Not only did she provide the spark, she stuck by my side  throughout the rewriting process and helped me breathe the life into  the stories that I wanted to tell.

 Through her constructive guidance I found the voice and tone that  had been missing. She also cut through the clutter to bring each of  the stories into full bloom. I am deeply grateful to have benefited  from Samantha’s astute editorial sensibilities. 

                                                                                                   ~Randy Richardson
                                                          Author of Cheeseland and Lost in the Ivy 


Proofreading includes catching surface problems with spelling, grammar, inconsistencies, repetitions.

Medium copyediting
Medium copy editing includes proofreading, correcting style and flow issues, and light re-working some of the text. 

Content editing
Content editing includes all of the above, plus re-structuring, re-writing sections of content, suggestions for more detailed changes.

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